Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Talking about a late adopter!  I guess since I am starting this, it means that blogs are on their way out.  But that is me.  I learned how to make films when video was already making that obsolete.  I still have most of my vinyl records.  Of course vinyl has become a retro hipster thing, so maybe too with blogs.

I love to write, but I always figured nobody would want to read my random thoughts about stuff.  Not even my mother would.  Actually, especially not my mother.  My friend Walt has a lovely blog about his experiences that I loved to read, but that was because he moved across the country and that is the way I kept up with his life.  Facebook does a pretty good job of that for me I thought.

My friend Jenee writes a very cool food blog, and even though I LOVE food, I was not sure what I could uniquely contribute to that discussion.  I needed a hook.

I had various ideas and wrote various things, but mostly kept stuff to myself.  I wrote something I hoped to contribute to a local political blog.  Then my friend Eric from back on the east coast told me that he liked reading my Facebook updates and seeing my pictures as I explored my new city.  I just moved to Seattle three months ago and have had a great time exploring, noticing, and reporting on all the cool stuff I have found in and around the Puget Sound.  And I have loved posting my comments and pictures of my adventures.  It hit me yesterday and here I am.  Let's do this thing!

Maybe people back home will want to read more about what I am doing and discovering.  Maybe others who move to Seattle (there are lots of us), could benefit from my experience.  Maybe Seattleites would like to laugh and scoff at my lack of knowledge of the area.  I hope they will correct me and help me learn.  If not, if nobody is interested, it will still be fun for me.  It will be easy enough for people to ignore, certainly much easier than the people on Facebook who constantly over share.

Join me if you want as I explore Seattle.  (cue theme music).  I plan to talk about everything I encounter in the area, from food to politics, hiking trails to art, from bars to architecture, and anything else I can find.  I will also post about nearby places I find.  In the spirit of blogs, it may not be the most well-crafted of my writing, but I hope to keep it interesting.  And there will be pictures... lots and lots of pictures.

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