Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey Dahlia

Volunteer Park has an amazing garden of Dahlia that is worth checking out.  I was not aware of dahlia until I move to Seattle.  Clearly I am a gardening hack. Previously, the names for Tom Douglas' Dahlia Lounge and Dahlia Workshop were totally lost on me.  I was really missing out, because these flowers are spectacular.  The colors are super vivid and intense, and the variety of shapes and sizes are amazing.  Some blooms are an inch or so across and some are bigger than a hand.  I could really yammer on and on about them, but wouldn't you rather see some?

And there are a bunch more...

 Was I lying?

It is impossible to tell how large or small some of these are just from a photograph, so let me help you see how big this one is...

Not an optical illusion.  The bloom is HUGE.

The garden is maintained by the Puget Sound Dahlia Association.  They do a great job.  There are so many of them and as you wander through them, you think you have seen it all, but every couple of rows, you again finding yourself say "wow."  They just keep going on and on.

I am going to write more about Volunteer Park soon.  It is a great urban park.  Meanwhile, I do have a write up about it at 

If for some reason you cannot get enough of these flowers, I will be posting a whole other series of photographs in November at hub pages.

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