Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Phoenixes, Doors, Windows, and all that plus food

A few weeks back I wrote a piece about how sad I was that Baguette was leaving the neighborhood.

The plot thickens...

I will still miss it, but it sounds like something awesome is taking its place.  The people behind the pop up restaurant Little Uncle, now housed on Mondays at La Bete, are opening a permanent place in the former Baguette space on Madison.  I have not written about Little Uncle because I have not tried it yet.  However, it has been near the top of my list (if I ever went out on Mondays).  I love Thai food.  I love street food.  The idea of the combination of the two housed just blocks from my home makes me want to run out and dance in the middle of Madison in traffic.  Not that I would be the first one to do that.  I doubt I would be the first one this week.  On Sunday, I saw a guy driving like a maniac, tailgating people.  Then after being stopped at a light, the driver just stayed there staring out the car window as traffic moved around him.  This was before noon.

Am I digressing again?  Well I still hope to catch the night at La Bete, because it looks like such a cool space down there in lower Capitol Hill.  The Monday night pop-up will continue for the time being.

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