Thursday, December 1, 2011

Future Transit

I am a big fan of mass transit.  I would not have moved to this city if it did not have decent transit, but it is also the promise of future expansions that made the place attractive.  The underground light rails and above-ground street cars are going to make this city so much more attractive and livable.  Someday we may even catch up to Portland.

While I was already well aware of the line being constructed from the University of Washington to downtown (through Capitol Hill), and the streetcar that they are about to start on (from Capitol Hill to the International District), I was unaware of the plans beyond that.  I did know that some people are trying to get a line run to Ballard (and I totally support that).  I did not know that the UW line will keep going north some years after the current line is finished.  I recently discovered these cool videos of simulations the constructions sites (and thus where the stations will be). The first is of the Brooklyn Station.  This will be located right off of 45th in the University District, right next to that tall building with the "U" on top.  This will be so convenient for getting to the funky shopping and cheap ethnic food of the U District, though buses already do a pretty damn good job.

The other station is the Roosevelt station, located further north. This will be near 65th street and serve the Ravenna and Greenlake neighborhoods.  

The line will then continue north to Northgate.  This is all several years in the future, but it is still good to know.  The videos may be a little esoteric, but I found them interesting.  Call me a geek, if you like.

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  1. Geek.

    Seriously though, very cool, and I'm jealous.
    it may be several years in the future, but at least they're planning it. imagine where that puts Raleigh. Although we have a progressive new mayor, so...

    Anyway, I'm glad you guys have one more reason to know you may a good choice.