Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Local Cereal

I love finding unique local products and supporting local businesses.  Sometimes it takes a bit more effort than shopping at giant (though convenient stores).  Luckily, living in Seattle there are not as many big box stores to go around and even some of the chains that are here like to support local business.  It is awesome to discover a product that is readily available (and of which you might already be a fan) is local.  Such was the case for me with Cascadian Farms.  I supported them long before moving to Seattle.

I eat massive amounts of cereal these days.  Not having a 40 hour work week, I am always eating at home.  So I am always trying to find the best deals on the most healthy cereals.  Some locally made granolas are tasty, but not inexpensive (or even that healthy), so are a rare treat.  I was happy to find that Madison Market and local groceries carry a brand called Nature's Path, and I was even happier to find out that it is made locally.

The cereals are delicious and healthy.  I have tried almost every flavor now and have liked almost all of them.  The cranberry ginger sounds good on paper, but the fruit and ginger had the consistency of cardboard.  A rare miss for this company.  Right now I am eating the Heritage, made from ancient heirloom whole grains.  It goes great with bananas.  Give this company a try. 

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