Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Move Over Brits, Local Gin is Here

I love to drink.  I also love supporting local businesses.  Across the country, there has obviously been a long wave of local breweries opening.  I have supported that movement since its inception.  I have sometimes supported that movement to excess.  I have also supported the craft cocktail movement (again sometimes to great excess - liquor is quicker).  Of course that often meant buying booze from giant multinational corporations.  Now, Seattle is again on the forefront of the craft distillery movement (calling it a movement sounds more high-minded than just drinking local booze).  There has been a boom of local distilleries.  Several have opened just since I moved to Seattle six months ago.  Several more are on the horizon over the next year.

I plan to sample each and every one of them (just in the name of journalism of course), but I am going to begin with Sound Spirits.

I stumbled upon this place... well maybe I should not say stumble lest you think me a lush.  I found this place by accident when parking for a mobile food even on Interbay.  The building beside our car had this cool graphic of an octopus tentacle painted on the side.  What is this?  When we saw "liquor" and "free tasting," we could not resist and took that detour.

Sound Spirits bills themselves as the first distillery in Seattle since prohibition, so I guess they were on the cutting edge of this movement.  The company now sells Ebb + Flow vodka and gin, but more products are on the way.  The vodka is tasty.  I usually drink Tito's which is a great spirit made in Texas.  It will be great to support some locals too.

A friend bought me a bottle of the gin (thanks Michael).  I really liked it, though I generally drink Tanqueray.  I have tried some of the small American brands in cocktails at fancy bars, but I never really switched my allegiance.  I guess none of them grabbed me enough.  Or maybe, like most people, I am just lazy.

While still somehow recognizable as gin, the Ebb + Flow had a very different taste.  The juniper is not the primary flavor, so it is not so "piney."  It has an aromatic flavor, but other than that it was hard for me to pin down.  I just know that I started drinking some with tonic water and without any lime and it was damn good.  I thank Chris for that suggestion because I think he was right that the lime might have overpowered the great flavor.

I look forward to trying all the other local spirits, but for now I am excited to have found Ebb + Flow, my new favorite gin.  I would also say the vodka is one of my favorites.

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