Thursday, December 29, 2011

Small Park, Big View

I haven't written about any parks for a while.  I have still been going on my hikes, but not as much.  The weather is not so motivating, though it is still typically temperate enough for most hikes.  I hope to try one up to some snow, but for now I am looking at a park that takes about 60 seconds to walk from one end of the other.  This is perfect for borderline weather because you can take a car or bus and be done in just a few minutes.

 This is the Louisa Boren Lookout Park.

It is a short block away from Volunteer Park on 15th Avenue, across from Lake View Cemetery.  

There are also some nice benches if you feel like hanging out and enjoying the view for a while.  One particularly popular sitting spot is in a little gazebo on the edge of the cliff (that I am told is attached to Inverness Park by a closed trail).

The views are clearly spectacular, so it is difficult to notice anything else, but there is actually public art in this tiny park.

Yet another little-known park in Seattle that offers big rewards.  I want to thank Charles for taking me here the first time or it may have been a while before I discovered it.  It is just on the outside of the large radius from my home where I take my dog on walks (without driving).

Nice view of Husky Stadium before it was gone/transformed.

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