Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cafe Flora for Brunch

While I am quite certain that Cafe Flora in Madison Valley is great for other meals, I have only been there for brunch.  Since I have been there twice, I thought I should say something nice about it.  The food was great and the atmosphere is amazing.

It is nice, but very comfortable.  Perfect for a relaxed weekend morning.  My favorite is the back room.

You feel almost like you are in a garden or greenhouse.  It is always summer in this space.

I had an omelet, which was delicious.  I am not a huge fan of omelets, but this special with Mexican flavors sounded too good to resist.  It lived up to my anticipation.  The simple, but delicious salad on the side was the perfect accompaniment. 

 The waffle was great.  Their presentation is always eye-catching and pleasing, but not fussy.  I look forward to returning and trying such other intriguing options such as Lemon Raspberry French Toast and Peach Bourbon Pancakes.  

In general, I love the little Madison Valley neighborhood.  I will write more about it later.  I also plan to return to Cafe Flora for dinner some time.


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