Where to Drink in Seattle

This is my highly subjective and incomplete list of bars that I like.  It is constantly being updated.  I do endeavor to one day make it complete.  If you are familiar with a bar in Seattle that you think should be on this list, I am open to new ideas and suggestions.

All bars serve some sort of food here, but these are places that I think of more in terms of bars than places to eat.  This is not to say that they may not have good food, and some of them may move to the above list after I have tried their food (and some may not).

Bathtub Gin & Co - A speakeasy with the door on an alley.  A cool oasis from the Belltown weekend craziness, featuring handcrafted cocktails.  Great bartenders and dark, cozy atmosphere.
2205 2nd Avenue (Belltown)

Brouwer's Cafe - Beer, beer, and more beer, plus a cool atmosphere and good food.
400 North 35th Street (Fremont)
Canon - Very speakeasy-ish in decor and demeanor, but not hidden away.  Just a bar with expertly crafted cocktails and a slightly steam punk around the edges atmosphere.
928 12th Avenue (Central District)

Dilettante Mocha Cafe and Chocolate Martini Bar - Swanky chocolate-centric coffee house and cocktail bar. Romantic atmosphere, good desserts, and excellent dessert drinks.
538 Broadway East (Capitol Hill and other retail locations)

Double Header -originally the first gay bar on the West Coast, but now a hole in the wall sports bar (that is still gay friendly).  Of course, I like holes in the wall.
407 2nd Avenue (Pioneer Square)

Knee High Stocking Co -Another speakeasy with an unmarked door, this one on a corner.  It is best to text for reservations as it is tiny.  Excellent bartenders and original cocktails.  It seems authentic as it is slightly rundown and not overly done up.
1356 East Olive Way (Capitol Hill - close to downtown)

Madison Pub - A friendly gay sports bar with trivia and pool.  A nice neighborhood hangout.
1315 East Madison (Central District/Capitol Hill)

People's Pub - A cool little bar in the back of a German restaurant with a fantastic picture window that takes you away of the busy urban street out front.
5429 Ballard Ave NW (Ballard)

Pony - A wild little bar where it feels like anything can happen.  The walls are covered in photocopies of vintage gay porn.  There is a photo booth in the stern and an awesome heated patio at the bow (it is somewhat ship-shaped), with an awesome view of downtown.  While it is clearly gay-oriented, it is usually a very mixed crowd.  Just fun.
1221 East Madison  (Central District/Capitol Hill)

Rabbit Hole - Chill  comfortable atmosphere and skee ball from the owners of Bathtub Gin and Co.
2222 2nd Avenue (Belltown)

Tavern Law -Old style tavern with expertly-crafted cocktails.  I have not yet eaten here, but the menu sounds like excellent comfort food and I am told it is great.  There is a speakeasy upstairs.
1406 12th Avenue (Capitol Hill)

Unicorn - Hands down my favorite circus/carnival themed bar in Seattle, and it is not just for carnies.  Stuffed wild animals and fair ride fragments contribute to the overall surreal and magical decor.  Lots of vulgar food and drink names  Try the Unicorn Jizz.  It is a tasty drink.  I swear.
1118 East Pike Street (Capitol Hill)

Zig Zag -The classic bartenders bar.  Until recently the place employed the man said to be the best bartender in the United States.  Those left behind do a great job.  I asked for something like my favorite drink and received two excellent variations.  This place is little and a little difficult to find, but worth the effort.
1501 Western Avenue, #202 (On the Pike Street Hill Climb just below Pike Place Market)